At Bethesda, we feel like family.  It is our desire that you would feel the same when you attend.  We believe to do God's work, it takes all people, from all walks of life.  If you want to be a part of everything that God is doing at Bethesda, we invite you to become a covenant partner by attending our iBelong workshops.  iBelong is a four week, four step, series. During the four weeks, you'll receive information about the beginning of Bethesda, the governance, what it looks like to follow Christ, the ministries of Bethesda and find out what area would best fit you to serve in.  

 iBelong happens four times a year, during February, May, August and November.  Each week during these months contains the same step.

1st week - 101

2nd week - 201

3rd week - 301

4th week - 401

We invite you to come during any step.