Seeking Wisdom

Happy New Year! As cliché as it is; 2016 is a blank page of a brand new story, waiting to be written. I know, it's cheesy, but it's true. A new year is a fresh new start.

You know when your parents give you "the look?"

You know "the look." The look you get and the feeling you know you better drop whatever it is you're doing wrong or there will be trouble! We know our parents love us, but we also have that fear that they will whoop our ....well, you know where this is going... if we don't do as we are supposed to! When we are children, it's that look that keeps us in line or the thought or fear of what might happen if we don't do as we're told.

Even after we grow up we need to have that fear. To me, I feel like it's a different kind of fear. It's not the fear of impending hurt or pain. It's just that spot in the back of your mind that you know if you do wrong, there are consequences. It's a knowing.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Proverbs 1:7

This year I want a fresh new start - throw away all of the bad from 2015. However, I'm holding on to the wisdom I have gained from previous years. I'm holding on to the lessons I've learned. This year I am also going to focus on listening. I want to gain wisdom from others so that I can prevent from learning the hard way. Because we all know that's no fun.

I think back to the days of innocence. Many summers were spent at my grandparents house, down an old crooked road. Their home was strategically placed in a narrow valley between two hills. Chickens ran free, cows grazed lazily, fields were diligently plowed and reaped. My grandparents were the true, all American farmers. Their face aged with knowledge. Every line and crease told a story of hardships. They were strong and hardened from a demanding life, but weak by appearance. They had true stories to tell. They had wisdom. As a kid I remember them speaking and trying to instill their wisdom and pass on their knowledge. Let's just say I was a very spirited child, so rarely did I sit long enough for any of this to absorb.

Today, this year, I will listen, learn, and absorb. With technology today I feel we are all living in the now, and forget to listen to the days of the old. I want to listen and absorb the wisdom from the past.

This year I want to grow in my faith. I believe the first step, for me, is to allow wisdom, acknowledge wisdom, and allow wisdom to guide me.

The Bible says in Psalm 1 that a person that meditates on God's word will be blessed. Wisdom will help guide us and keep us from doing wrong. Praying, memorizing, studying and thinking about—brings the promise of being like a tree planted by a river. We will live a true life-giving nourishment that God provides through His Word. A further promise to that person is that God will guide their way in life. I want that life. What about you?