Assembly required

Have you ever been to IKEA? If not, it's a real treat. Unless you ask my husband; then his views of the mega store are quite different than mine. If nothing else, IKEA is an experience to be had by all.

I go for the furniture. My husband goes because....well, "happy wife, happy life." 

If you've never been I'll narrow it down to this: 

This would be your living room. See that box on the bottom? There's probably a couch in there. Seriously. 

We purchased our sofa from IKEA years ago, on one of our first IKEA shopping experiences. After hours of walking through the show-room, down to the sales floor, and finally to the self-serve warehouse, We were given a bin and item number to locate our sofa. And then to our shock and dismay, we found a 6'x 8" box. With a skeptical glance to one another and a second, reassuring double check of the item number -sure enough- there was a couch in that little, 10 pound box. 

After loading our items and making our way out to the truck,  we got home and pulled out the assembly directions. 

Toss those to the side. 

It's a couch. How hard can it be? We know the basics, what it looks like... "We got this."

And then...

photo source: unknown. 

photo source: unknown. 

You're probably wondering right about now what this has to do with you, me, and everyone else. I'm sure many of us have had similar experiences and haven't stepped foot into an IKEA. That's because this is life. We think we can do it on our own, we think we have it figured out and because we know the basics, we'll get through it. Well, how about when you're sitting right side up on an upside down chair? Get the directions! We need directions in our life, we need to be reminded of what goes where, which tools we need, redirected on where we're going; And most importantly, we need to be reminded that we're not alone. 

The only difference is IKEA can't direct you on how to assemble your life, but the Bible can. IKEA can't help you along your journey,  your friends inside and outside the church can. Don't do it alone.

Pastor Ben has been speaking about warning signs the last few weeks. Is this your warning sign? Are you lost or right side up in an upside down life? Don't toss the directions to the side; open a Bible and assemble your life or ask for help.