Beginners Guide: Bible Study

I'm one of those artsy types of people. Wondering, unrelivant thoughts run their way through my mind at the most innapropriate times. It's very hard for me to actually focus on much of anything. I'd like to think I was a deep thinker, exotic ponder-er, dreamer.... most would just say I'm flighty. Hey, don't judge me. I'm sure there are many more of you out there. 

As I've said before, I'm newly saved, new in my faith. Although, those phrases are a little salty coming off my tongue. I've always known God. I've always felt the pressense of the Lord with me, holding me, pushing me or persuading me to go down my intentional path. I have always prayed often, whole heartedly. I just never found my forever "church home." Until recently. Even through my personal relationship, I feel like there is more to Christianity than just that. I feel an obligation to know the word of God, Jesus, the history, the meaning of life and of everything. I want to know the bible. It's just so intimidating. Many of you have had the blessing of getting at least some sort of background throughout your lives. For those of us that havn't had the pleasure, I would love to share my little method. It's not failproof, it's not the the ultimate bible study guide, but I feel it's a good segue. 



  1. Bible
  2. composition notebook
  3. pen/marker/highlighter
  4. sticky tabs

1) Find a bible. For me, I never knew how many different types of Bibles there were! My favorite: The Everyday Life Bible AMPLIFIED VERSION featuing notes and commentary by Joyce Meyer. I love to read her insites and notes. It's easy to read and relivant to today's life. We also have NLT red letter, Extreme teen study, and because there is controversy over the different translations, we have a King James Version. I really enjoy switching back and forth between all of them (even the teen study Bible!) They all really have something to offer and keep my mind intrigued. 

Getting started: GET ORGANIZED

The first step may see a little silly or unneccessary. However, for me, it was neccessary for a successful start. My favorite Bibles weren't equipped with easy tabs to find books of the Bible. With every verse I went to search for, flipping to the index, finding the page, all seemed too daunting and I would give up just as soon as I got started. 

Grab your sticky tabs and label each book of the Bible and label for easy access. This is a good way to get to know each of them and their location. Eventually, you can take them away. For now, just try it! It's a super easy and effective way to find your way around and learn.


We all have dramatic lives. It won't be hard to find it. I'm sure you can agree. Whether, it's a bad day at work, trying to keep peace in your life, something serious, or something simple. We all need help to solve our problems. I think more often than not we believe we can do it all in our own. That's where we get into trouble and make bad decisions. We need God and we need his answers. Whatever you are dealing with each day - use your Bible! 

Today, we will deal with laziness. Hello procrastination! I'm terrible, I deal with it often, so let's start with that. Label a sticky and place it at the top of your page.  





Write down every related verse. This will be your bible study index. On the next page write out the verses that apply to you. Read each of them. Only write down the ones that speak to you. Even if you don't fully understand them. In the beginning you may simply write them down and move on. Later you will notice digging deeper into the verse, highlighting your favorite parts, making notes of how it applies to you or how it can make a difference in your life. Really start making it a point to make this your journal- make notes, ask questions, write down your prayers.  

Tomorrow (or next week,) start a new tab to help solve a new problem. Next thing you know, you are studying! And solving your life's questions all at the same time.  

Click here for an online guide to Bible  verses by topic.  A lot of the Bibles today have these guides in the back. If yours doesn't have this option, check online for more guides or apps. 

Keep this journal near by, make it your go to solution for anything you are dealing with on a daily basis. From time-to-time go back through your bible study journal and answered prayers, solved solutions, or maybe inspire you along your life's journey. Make it your own - decorate, doodle, and discover yourself and the Lord. Have fun! 


Click HERE to print a fill-in-the-blank cover sheet (as pictured below)