Lack of time vs. Lack of priorities

I am too busy to write this blog post. 

As the season started to change over, Spring cleaning kicked into full swing. Between that, kids, work, being a wife, and every day whirlwind of things going on, I became so busy that I missed my timely obligation to write this blog post. And then, if that wasn't bad enough, my brain froze. I couldn't think of one thing to write. How am I supposed to be an inspiration to others, when I have nothing to say?

I'd like to say it's irony, but I know it's God working through me. 

As the deadline passed, my frustrations grew. This nasty sentiment within me started to grow as I hustled through my daily routine. The blog post itching in the back of my mind. It wasn't until the last possible moment I could wait, I sat down, stared at my screen and put my fingers on the keys and just started typing. The first line, "I am too busy to write this blog post." I had zero intentions on allowing you to read that. It was the filthy attitude leaking through my fingertips and onto the keys like a disease. 

And then it hit me. How dare I? I'm too busy? I have no time to devote to God's word, to devote to spread His word? I just wrote last week about how we need to make the time to serve and now I can't take an hour to sit and serve you? It was then I realized, It's not the lack of time, it's the lack of priorities. 

Too busy for God? It’s not a lack of time, It’s a lack of priority.
— Bethesda people

I'm thankful for being too busy in this season of misdirection, because it put focus on a need that I was unaware of - my priorities. 

Obviously, I had things I needed to accomplish (feed my children and husband, clean, work, etc.) over the days, but there were lots of things that were probably not 100% necessary.

Remember, I'm a visual person. I need to see something smack dab, right in my face before it will redirect my focus. I hate to say, but it's easy to forget to make time to devote to serving, reading my bible, studying, devotionals, and -sometimes- praying! And I feel safe in saying that, because I know I'm not alone. 

I sat down and created a list of my priorities now and then a list of priorities that I want to have. Something I like to do often is jot down my daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals. With some of this chicken scratch I decided to make a printable sheet for myself. A sheet that will keep me on task weekly. A reminder for now, so that I will make time to devote to God. And also, a journal that I am able to look back on. 

Click HERE  for a free printable worksheet of your own

Click HERE for a free printable worksheet of your own

Along with my weekly Bible study, I'm going to fill these sheets out at the end of the week to keep me on track. If there are empty spaces, I know that I haven't been devoting my time like I would like to! 

Be sure to CLICK HERE and check out the new FREE printable coversheet I've included in the original Bible Study post. 

Isn't it funny how something so frustrating ends up being a blessing? I, personally, didn't realize my priorities were wrong. I'm thankful someone is always there reminding me. Aren't you?