Be still. Listen.

This evening, as the dinner dishes dry, the hectic scrambling of the day starts to dial down to a low rumble, and the sun begins to recede past the hills - the air starts to chill - I seek an old friend.  

I reach my arm back deep into my closet to receive a pullover sweater, slip on some forgiving leggings, and lace up my tattered old running shoes.  

I forget to make time. Life is so busy. Our days run out before our to-do lists. Our hours are short and our patience is shorter. Life is too busy.  

Today, I make time. Today, I set out for somber mediation, freedom. I set out for solitude. The soles of my dear friends, my running shoes, nervously hesitate to meet the pavement as if it were a preset blind date - it's been a long time since I've made time to run. But, today I hit pause - even if just for a moment.   

Leaving my usual music and pedometer behind, I lunge toward my first step - taking only my thoughts. I allow the dull, low hum of silence to flow through my mind, as quickly as the fresh cool, winter air fills and releases through my lungs. The bitter cold burns in my lungs, as does my desire. With each step I leave behind the ticking demand of each day. I only step forward. As the glint of the evening sun fills my eyes, I smile. I smile knowing God is very much alive. He has given me this moment and I took it - I took full advantage. A moment I would have otherwise missed. The muscular memory may be the only thing pushing me through this first run, but I continue to smile knowing I'm alive, well, and able.

We are given so much, yet we rarely take the time to see it. 

I tell you about this mundane, regular, every day activity because it's a moment I lived in - truly lived. We need to be still. Be still and listen. If we aren't taking time to listen then how will we know when God is talking? We tend to miss what is right in front of us because it is blocking our way of what we are trying to see. 

Make sure you take a moment for yourself, without electronics, with out distractions. Sit in silence, relax, be with your thoughts. Be still. Take time to not only seek the Lord in time of need, but each and every day.