Be the Light in Someone Else's Eyes - Unity

Won't you be my neighbor?

Have you ever seen or met someone and think, "something just isn't quite right with that person"?

The type of person that "always" seems to have a smile on their face. No matter how cruel the world around them may be, they continue on in a rainbowed-unicorn-type-of-day fashion.

We all have that friend that seems to be a little borderline crazy house...

I have that type of friend. She's the absolute best!

I take on each and every day, headstrong, and with my best foot forward. Seems I stumble more often than go anywhere near the trophy worthy finish line. However, it seems this particular friend always keeps a good attitude with a giant-A+-award-winning smile on her face.

If you are a child of the 80's -including 10 or 20 years before and after- then you have also seen this type of person: Mr Rogers!

Growing up, I would prop myself up in front of the ole' floor model and just glow from within, watching the feel-good inspirational show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Honestly, I never really knew what the point of the show was. I did however, know without a doubt, that the iconic television show would Instill that warm ooey -gooey-love-thy-neighbor feeling deep down in the gut of your soul. Growing up, I always assumed everyone felt that way. Apparently, his soft, kindred approach was slightly off putting to others.

The thing is, these odd ball, peace sharing, love-one-another, smile-with-legs type of people, aren't living for the physical world. These people are putting aside their own selves and putting others before them. More importantly, they are putting Christ before all.


Did you know Fred Rogers was a minister? Me neither! It all makes sense now. He was called into children's ministry early on and found his way into television-combining his love for puppetry, love for ministry, and teaching children across the world.

So many of us are living and acting in a manner focused on the physical world around us -who has the best car, biggest house, fanciest clothes. We get caught up in things that shouldn't matter. We are all climbing that ladder -stepping upward and onward past our peers. Our minds get cluttered with worldly aspirations.

How has it become that we tilt our heads at beaming, happy or genuinely nice people?  We assume they are the weird ones.

When we join together to become one, consider ourselves equal or as one, treat each other as we wish to be treated, and put everyone before ourselves, our troubles seems to fade away.

Hey, then we can all be weird together! Wouldn't that be fabulous?  

(Cue the sweater switcheroo scene)


Won't you set a goal with me today? Do something for someone else. Feel uncomfortable being on the same level as someone less successful than you? Good! there should be no levels of success. We should all be on the same level. Make a step with me to stop looking at the world around us as competition. Instead, Let's look around at everyone around us and ask ourselves, "what can I do to make someone smile today?"

Let's unite with one another, put a smile on our faces and make someone else wonder why in the world are we so happy.