Stick together

Flipping through the channels, I stopped on a familiar movie I had seen a handful -or more-of times before: The War (1994). A film depicting a family in the '70's; a family just like many others. A husband battling within himself, while continuing failed attempts at financially supporting his wife and children. This caused unmentioned turmoil throughout the household. 

After last weeks Corinthians sermon I watched this movie through new eyes.

Before today, I laughed along as childhood friends dreamed, danced, and sang together. Then related with the characters as they manipulated their way to get what they want, the ups and downs of victory vs. being overthrown, children and adults. The entire plot depicts battles in reality and battles of the mind, completely relatable. Today, I realized the message hidden inside this film was so much deeper. 

In 1 Corinthians 1:1-3, I adore how Paul expressed the power in unity; together we are able to conquer more than when we are divided. 

This film, The War, was packed full of life lessons of loving one another; two of the main characters, twins Lida and Stu, escape the reality of their difficult lives by coming together with friends to build an impossible tree house. After bribing a young neighbor boy with enough candy to place anyone in a sugar coma, the kids managed to compile all the materials needed to erect a tree house that would surpass any ones dreams.


As soon as the brothers of the sugar-happy kid found out what everyone was up to they declared war on the twins makeshift homestead. Of course, the original ametrure contractors didn't take it lightly. After many disagreements between the quarrelsome neighbors, the tree house was completely destroyed and burned to the ground. The entire plot was filled with ups and downs between mom and dad; And between the neighborhood children. In the end, after so much turmoil everyone finally realized how important it is to stick together and created a strong bond with one another. If they had created a bond with one another and shared in their pain, successes, and victories in the beginning, they would have all been happier- together. 

I'm not sure why, but we all have to learn the hard way, war makes people do crazy things that they may regret their entire lives but simple acts of kindness may be able to solve conflicts. 

It's part of our human nature to only take wisdom from some of our biggest hardships and mistakes. Take it from Paul in 1 Corinthians and don't ignore or walk away, stick together, deal with issues with each other right away. Love one another, not only at their best, but at their worst.