Restore Point

I used to watch the show Full House all the time, from the original broadcasts to the reruns we've seen for almost the last 20 years....most of my entire life.   That is until something drastically changed in my family a couple of years ago. The life lessons (you know when the dorky music started playing and a "true" teaching moment was coming up) from Danny, Uncle Jesse and even Aunt Becky made me wanna puke.  Some episodes had several. I've inserted a video below, in case you've forgotten what I'm talking about. Life's obviously NOT like that for 99.9% of human civilization. 


I didn't then, and still don't understand why things happen the way they do. Ecclesiastes chapter 3 starts out "For everything there is a season...".  Not everything happens for a reason, that's a scripture that gets twisted around a lot. "Things" are going to happen. When man sinned, sin entered the world (Romans 5:12).  It's not God's desire that bad things happen, he gave man a free choice...a free will. I DO KNOW that Romans 8:28 says "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them."  That tells me that God can take the worst and turn it into good when we serve him. Whether it's a teaching tool, a "life lesson" (without the cheesy music, but I guess there could be cheesy music because well, he's God), or an encouragement to ourselves or others that it's possible to survive and overcome a situation/obstacle.  

Moving right along, I'm not very open about personal stuff because it's personal.  I don't blast my business or thoughts on Facebook, though please don't think of me as so super spiritual that I haven't thought of it numerous times.  But the feelings of hurt and numbness lingered for some time after the drastic change I experienced. Uncertainty, emptiness, loneliness, anger and the "whatever" attitude filled my insides.

Fast forward to the present...things are being restored to a previous time. Kind of like the restore point on a computer that takes you back to before things got really messed up.  I can't explain why, only God knows. Just an FYI, computers can make restore points silently, that you don't even know they're there until you really need them. Let that sink in a while, because God can do the same thing. So that's where I am right now, it's crazy weird, things have picked right back up where they left off.  But this time I have a totally different perspective than the one I had before and even when the madness began...a broken that didn't click until the restore point kicked in.  Human nature is to argue those "restore points" because they're not in our timing, on our terms or our idea; more commonly referred to as being a __________. You can fill in the blank for your entertainment, just don't put someone's name there, unless it's your own. Because the truth is we're all selfish, conceited, inconsiderate and the list goes on, on some level and at some time. 

Which brings me to this scripture, Colossians 3:12-14  "Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Make allowance for each other's faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.  Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony."  This sums it  up. I don't think any of us can say we don't have any faults or offenses, which I'm laughing to myself right now from the hilarity of that statement. Even so, if we're God's people we should do these things, myself included. We all need grace and love in our lives, but to get it we have to give it, no strings attached. Love as God has loved us and forgive as God has forgiven us. If everyone really knew the "things" we'd!!!  Something to keep in mind when we get hurt or see others get hurt, and turn into the Hulk. 

Maybe you've been hurt over and over in your life, maybe not so much.  We just need to have the faith to believe and know that God is still God through everything.  God doesn't promise fairy tale endings, even to His followers, but He's never left my side through anything. He's put people in my life that I needed at the time and continue to need.  I don't understand why things happen the way they do. But I do know it can help to understand a person's decisions/actions by looking at the situation from their perspective; by hearing what they hear and seeing what they see. It gives more insight to why someone did or didn't do something. They say perspective changes everything and that rings true to me. I just have to be willing to put myself in their shoes. 

I have experienced the Thrill of Hope and seen first hand that God is a God of miracles and restoration. I'm sure that each of us can look at something in our lives or the lives of others and see that God is in it during this holiday season, we just have to have the right perspective. 

The battle of the heart and mind.

Good evening ladies and gents. Boy do we have quite the spectacle for you this evening.
In the red corner, weighing in at 10.5 oz, the true epicenter of your well-being, beating 100,000 beats each day, tiny in size, but can send blood running through 60,000 miles of vessels like a champ; the heart!

And in the blue corner we have the astounding wonder of the world, with the ability to feel no physical pain, but can take down a heart and send it into a whirlwind of excruciating pain with very little effort- the brain!

Get rooted in those seats and don’t move a muscle. ding, ding, ding! It’s on!

Satan gapes with a seductive eye as he watches from the crowd, his pallet wet with anticipation. A battle boiling his every desire - the battle between the mind and heart. Who will win?

My body isn't participating in the battle, but I become weak, and I feel the repercussions of the event.

Do you ever want something to come true so badly that you can close your eyes and feel its presence? Our wants are so real that we can once again feel the texture of a loved ones hair run through our fingers, slip our thumb underneath the flap of an envelope separating the stale glue that separates you and an awaited check that will save you from all your debts, you can feel the vibration upon your temples of an awaited phone call.

 I don't know your wants, but I know the desire in your heart even when your mind sends cautions, limitations, or barriers. Your heart feels the pain and the agony of the prospects of our future; we become anxious, stressed, and even sick waiting and hoping.

"Look with our spiritual eyes and not our natural eyes,"  is the needle on the vinyl record on of my mind. It's on its last track and continues to play over and over.  When Pastor Ben spoke these words last Sunday (listen to entire sermon), my shoulders dropped, my chest opened, and I breathed relief into my lungs. In an instance, my mind sent reassurance to my heart - It's not our battle to fight. If we are relying on man to make our wants come true, it won't happen. Man will let us down, God will not. When we look through God - our spiritual eyes - we see it's going to be okay. Or that our wants aren't part of the plan. We're on his path, not our own.

Drop your gloves.

Step out of the ring.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Hope for humility this Christmas

The lights are hung, stockings are eagerly waiting to be stuffed, shopping malls are buzzing with hurried feet; as last minute gifts are being purchased. Each slot of the TV guide is lined up with holiday shows, retailers are flashing get-it-before-its-gone sales, and kids are pouncing on Santa's lap to claim the newest gadget or gizmo.

We're ready.

All the money saved, the stress, and the anticipation... we're almost there. Christmas is just around the corner.

But...wait..where's Jesus?

"But we have 6' inflatable Santa's, cookies, trees, a nativity set up on the front lawn." you're thinking.

"good grief, Charlie Brown," I think to myself.

Trust me, I'm well past the age of watching children's cartoons, but I cant help make the the reference. The world is so caught up in "today's commercialized Christmas" and we tend to forget what Christmas is all about.

Let's rewind a bit. I didn't grow up in church. In fact, I have very little religious background. So, what do I know about the history of Christmas? Humility- my heart is full of humility. My first Christmas' were filled with love and very little of the material things we expect today. My family started their first Christmas' together thousands of miles away from "home," with no decorations or the fancy new-fangled things that make up today's Christmas. Thankfully, I had a creative, loving, innovative mother that wouldn't let anything get in the way of providing the spirit of Christmas in our hearts. We created lasting memories through time together, baking, and creating- together.  We would string popcorn one-by-one until our tree was adorned with a one-of-a-kind garland. We would hand make each and every ornament for our tree- many of which still hang on my mother's tree today. Christmas carols blaring mixed with laughter, scents of cinnamon and mulled spices filled the air.  To me, these are Christmas.   Jesus wasn't always the center of our Christmas. However, I was blessed with a true golden foundation of humility and love.



Imagine, if you will, living among sheep. The smell, the lackluster company. You are a Shepherd. In the time of the upcoming birth of Jesus, shepherds weren't people that had money, jewels, fancy things, they weren't poplar among others. I even imagine them as people that others would completely avoid at all costs. These were the people God chose to spread the word of Jesus Christ's birth- Our Savior. (Luke 2: 8)

Today, we go all out for the arrival of a new baby. We buy 1,000 of the most obnoxious things for our newest little bundle of joy. Why? Because every 7 lb, 7oz baby needs 37 saddlers, 50 wash cloths, 15 pacifiers, bouncy things, squishy However, we all do it; we're all guilty. So, naturally, Jesus Christ, our Savior, must have these same luxuries. Right? No. God sent Jesus to be laid in a feeding trough/previously used manger (Luke 2: 12) I truly believe God wants us to believe and live in humility through these versus.

Joy and power through humility is the very dynamic of Christian life (Luke 14:11, 18: 14; Peter 5: 5)


I have grown up with out a lot of extra frivolous things (Dare I say, Poor.)  And I am thankful for the empathy through experience that I have had instilled into my mindset.

So, how do we have a humble Christmas today?

Charles M. Schulz illustrated it so well:

Here is where I am supposed to have a grand solution to change your heart. I don't have that, but the answer is simple: Experience the thrill of hope. " being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."- Philippians 1:6. I love that God was working through me even before I knew him. I was instilled with humility even before I knew I was living like his word. "For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified." - 1 Corinthians 2:2.  Let hope rise within you. Step away from today's world and look towards God and Jesus Christ. Pray today and let Jesus into your life. Step away from the commercialism this year and know the reason for this season.. 

A wise woman, my mom, once said, "The real treasures of Christmas are the memories we make and the traditions we keep." And when we understand and live through God's word, we will be able to be humble Christians. As, I believe, God wants us to be. (reference: Matt 11:29)

We can only receive Christ through meekness and humility (Matt 5: 3, 5; 18: 3, 4)

Some ways to  have some last minute humbling experiences this Christmas:

Don't JUST give to the poor and homeless. Shake their hand, ask how their day is, have a casual conversation with them. Volunteer at your local homeless shelter, coat drive, and food pantry. You will be surprised that these people sometimes need something as little as a hug.

Get your family members one less gift and ask your local school about an angel tree, gift drive, etc. Sometimes it's easy to overlook the need right in your own community.

Attend local holiday events. Get to know your community members. This will give you the chance to spread God's love and you may just learn a thing-or-to yourself.

Remember to set aside to time to just be with your family this Christmas; Talk to each other, tell stories, laugh, and make memories.

Attend church! Learn about true meaning of Christmas.