The battle of the heart and mind.

Good evening ladies and gents. Boy do we have quite the spectacle for you this evening.
In the red corner, weighing in at 10.5 oz, the true epicenter of your well-being, beating 100,000 beats each day, tiny in size, but can send blood running through 60,000 miles of vessels like a champ; the heart!

And in the blue corner we have the astounding wonder of the world, with the ability to feel no physical pain, but can take down a heart and send it into a whirlwind of excruciating pain with very little effort- the brain!

Get rooted in those seats and don’t move a muscle. ding, ding, ding! It’s on!

Satan gapes with a seductive eye as he watches from the crowd, his pallet wet with anticipation. A battle boiling his every desire - the battle between the mind and heart. Who will win?

My body isn't participating in the battle, but I become weak, and I feel the repercussions of the event.

Do you ever want something to come true so badly that you can close your eyes and feel its presence? Our wants are so real that we can once again feel the texture of a loved ones hair run through our fingers, slip our thumb underneath the flap of an envelope separating the stale glue that separates you and an awaited check that will save you from all your debts, you can feel the vibration upon your temples of an awaited phone call.

 I don't know your wants, but I know the desire in your heart even when your mind sends cautions, limitations, or barriers. Your heart feels the pain and the agony of the prospects of our future; we become anxious, stressed, and even sick waiting and hoping.

"Look with our spiritual eyes and not our natural eyes,"  is the needle on the vinyl record on of my mind. It's on its last track and continues to play over and over.  When Pastor Ben spoke these words last Sunday (listen to entire sermon), my shoulders dropped, my chest opened, and I breathed relief into my lungs. In an instance, my mind sent reassurance to my heart - It's not our battle to fight. If we are relying on man to make our wants come true, it won't happen. Man will let us down, God will not. When we look through God - our spiritual eyes - we see it's going to be okay. Or that our wants aren't part of the plan. We're on his path, not our own.

Drop your gloves.

Step out of the ring.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28